Does Your Chosen School Sport Require a Physical Exam?

Participating in school sports often requires students to undergo a sports physical exam to ensure they are physically fit and able to safely engage in athletic activities. A sports physical, also known as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), assesses a student’s overall health and identifies any underlying medical conditions that may pose a risk during sports participation. During a sports physical, a healthcare provider will review the student’s medical history, including any past injuries or illnesses, and perform a thorough physical examination. This may involve checking vital signs, evaluating the student’s heart, lungs, and musculoskeletal system, and assessing flexibility, strength, and endurance.

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The purpose of the sports physical is to identify any health concerns or conditions that may affect the student’s ability to participate in sports safely. This includes conditions such as asthma, heart murmurs, musculoskeletal injuries, or a history of concussions. In some cases, additional testing or evaluation may be recommended based on the findings of the sports physical. For example, a student with a history of asthma may need a pulmonary function test to assess lung function, or a student with a heart murmur may require an echocardiogram to evaluate cardiac function.

Sports physicals are an essential part of ensuring the health and safety of student athletes and are often required by schools or athletic organizations before participating in sports activities.

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